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Treat your wood floor with natural oil

Wood floors are popular. A noble, sturdy, and durable material: people love wood for its decorative beauty and its warmth. It is easy to work with, maintain, and preserve. Whether it’s about restoration, sanding, varnishing, or oiling, it is an expression of the talent of a skilled human being: the craftsman.
Choosing the finish for your floor is an important decision. Indeed, you need to carefully select the products that will enhance the beauty of your wood floor in a sustainable way. Several variables come into play: the type of wood of your floor, the type of use, your budget, the type of products and its manufacturer, etc.
Fortunately, our master sander is here to advise you and guide you towards a durable choice that will enhance your floor. Among the types of finishes used by our craftsmen, natural oil holds a special place. Could floor oiling be the right option for renovating and restoring your wood floor?

Practical Advantages

In terms of practicality, natural oil is economical with a great covering power. It dries and is waterproof in only 24 hours, offering excellent protection against wear, water, and stains, while being less slippery than traditional varnish. It is an ecological product composed of natural oils without VOCs, therefore non-toxic and safe for health. Finally, it allows for easy repairs. Indeed, oiled wood can be locally restored, without having to sand the entire floor.

Aesthetic Advantages

Aesthetically speaking, natural oil penetrates deeply and enhances the characteristics of flexibility and warmth by highlighting the grain of the wood. It gives a very trendy matte finish. Our customers describe the finish of their oiled floor by Plancher Summum craftsmen as warm, contemporary, zen, enveloping, robust, and elegant. Natural oil will certainly give a magnificent character to your home.

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Floor in need of restoration?

If you have a wooden floor that needs renovating or restoring, please write to us or give us a call! As specialists, we would be happy to answer your questions about the products used based on your floor surface. If you’d like, you can also obtain a free estimate for your project.

About Plancher Summum

When it comes to restoring hardwood floors, it’s wise to work with professionals who will give you honest advice and help you make the best decision. Our team consists of passionate craftsmen who love wood and are dedicated to providing you with the flooring that will create the ambiance of your dreams.
Benefit from our 30 years of experience in creating exceptional floors!


I renovated my kitchen and of all the stages, the one of the sanding and oiling of the floor was the simplest. Excellent advice, courteous and professional service. Everything is done in one day.
Source: “Google Review”

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