Refinished cherry-wood floors in an office

The floors in this office were crisscrossed with scratches from chair wheels. We sanded the floors and applied a water-based varnish using Loba Easy Finish, which made them look shiny and new, giving them a second life.

Badly damaged floors

The floors were in such poor shape that the owner wanted to replace them before renting out her condo. Our master-sanders recommended sanding and varnishing. The owner was very happy with the final result and with money she saved!

Bright, evenly toned staircase

The pine staircase leading to the basement was varnished with cheap inefficient products. Sanding and varnishing with water-based Loba Easy Finish enhanced the beauty of the original pine at lower cost.

A staircase is reborn

Meticulous sanding eliminates scratches and irregularities caused by wear and tear. Sanders are experts at recommending the best solutions for your floors and guaranteeing the final result.

The many advantages of sanding

After several botched partial repairs, the floors in this room showed extensive damage. After pre-sanding, sanding and varnishing with water-based Loba Easy Finish, we were able to preserve the original floor without replacing and repainting the mouldings.

No need to replace your floors!

Experienced master sanders can save very worn-out floors. Sanding can be more affordable than replacing your floors. It’s also ecological, faster, more convenient and gives a home its own distinctive charm.

Get a new look!

Sanding not only gives new life to an old floor, it also gives you the choice of changing the tint or varnish. Lighter tint or ecologically safe – you have a number of options. Our master-sanders will advise you on how to get desired results at the best price.