Hardwood floor repairing

Unhappy with your hardwood floor finish? Thinking about changing the whole floor? Why not just repair your existing floor instead?

Choosing to repair your existing floor can be economical, eco-friendly and fast. Repairing it also allows you to restore and maintain the original character of your Plancher Summum floor.

Expertise makes all the difference

As master sanders, we will evaluate every detail of your flooring requirements, using our experience and expertise to identify which parts need to be replaced and which can be repaired.

We can save some boards, replace some slats and adjust the sanding accordingly, with a level of precision and professionalism that will showcase the true beauty of your hardwood surface.

Once repairs are completed, we will also ensure a consistent, uniform finish.

About Plancher Summum

As wood craftsmen, we are also specialists in hardwood floor sanding and varnishing. We also help you choose the right type of finish.


I renovated my kitchen and of all the stages, the one of the sanding and oiling of the floor was the simplest. Excellent advice, courteous and professional service. Everything is done in one day.
Source: “Google Review”

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