Hardwood floor sanding

Why pay for a new floor when sanding can restore your existing hardwood floor to its original appearance?

Sanding is both economical and eco-friendly. When taken care of by a true craftsman using professional techniques, hardwood floors can be sanded several times.

At Plancher Summum we are master sanders who know how to sand hardwood floors with precision, using only professional, well-calibrated tools in order to achieve the ultimate finish.

Neat and tidy work

As master sanders, we use traditional techniques and we conduct our work in a neat and efficient manner, minimizing collateral mess in your home.

We operate more freely than our competitors, enabling us to remain focused on restoring the beauty of your surface. Our craftsman approach also helps minimize dust, using specialized tools to provide a 99% dust-free sanding environment.

Professional preparation for an impeccable finish

Proper sanding is an important step towards obtaining a quality finish. Since we are master sanders, we are trained in the complexities of wood grain and porosity.

With experience working on lived-in areas, we are able to adjust the sanding process in order to achieve a well-balanced appearance. When applying the skills of a true craftsman, the appearance of wear and tear on a floor can simply disappear.

About Plancher Summum

As wood craftsmen, we are also specialists in hardwood floor varnishing and repairing. We also help you choose the right type of finish.


I renovated my kitchen and of all the stages, the one of the sanding and oiling of the floor was the simplest. Excellent advice, courteous and professional service. Everything is done in one day.
Source: “Google Review”