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A pleasure to appear in Mon guide du patrimoine!

Floors sanding - Floors refinishing Tips

When the team at monguidedupatrimoine.com recently offered us to write an article for its 2020 edition, we accepted with pleasure!
Some relevant reflections came out of this collaboration, and that’s why I want to share them with you.

A joy to treat Montreal’s most beautiful floors

Montreal is a magnificent city with many sectors having very pretty heritage homes.
At Plancher Summum, we have and appreciate the advantage of being able to visit and contribute to the maintenance of such homes that have a cachet, or a soul. Houses like these confer certain charm to many of the city’s neighbourhoods.
Contributing to the maintenance of these beauties is a gift and a pleasure.

A good opportunity to explain the advantages of oil-finished floors

In this article, we share some practical and esthetic advantages of choosing oil-finished floors, which we believe is the best type of finishing for hardwood floors in heritage homes.


Natural oil is affordable and offers excellent protection against wear, water and stains, which limits the risk of deformity in wood lathes. Another advantage of having oiled wood floors is that they can be restored wherever needed, without having to sand all the flooring.
We use an environmentally friendly product that is non-toxic and health safe.


Natural oil lightly penetrates wood, intensifying its grain and texture, giving it warmth and suppleness.
It will certainly enhance your decor.

Saving floors and trees

Heritage preservation and restoring floors is not only about nostalgia. It is also eco-friendly, as sanding, maintenance and repairing wood floors helps save trees, reduces transport and avoids waste burial of construction residue.
As Montreal has thousands of beautiful ancestral homes, sanding floors rather than disposing of them just makes more sense.

Contributing to the community of artisans

Maintaining a city’s heritage property is complex and requires everyone’s effort, starting with the owners, who need the willingness, interest and energy required to do so. But it also requires a multitude of different tradespeople to execute the work according to today’s good practices and those of yesteryear. Many companies working in this sector are also masters of their profession and are passionate about doing things well.
Contributing to this publication allows these companies to offer centralized solutions to owners, so that they can better inform themselves and bring their restoration projects to a successful completion.

Working with a passionate team

If you would like to restore your home’s hardwood floors with guaranteed results by a passionate team, feel free to ask us for a quote.

*Article available in French only