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Dustless Floor Sanding: What to expect?

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Nowadays, everyone expects miracle solutions for everything. This holds truth in my specialty as well: Hardwood Floor Sanding.
To guarantee 100% dust-free floor sanding would be like selling a magic pills that makes you loose 20lbs in 10 days!

Dustless Sanding Guarantee: What are the facts?

It would be total utopia to think that sanding wood floors could be done without any little bit of dust! Think about it, dust is omnipresent!
Surely, at some point, you’ve noticed that a few hours after having dusted everything in your home, you still find a thin layer of dust on your furniture.
If you think a standard wood floor sanding will give you a thick layer of dust in your home, think again! The sanding techniques and systems used have evolved a great deal.
Our wood floor sanding exempts dust at 99%.
Surprised by the small amount of particles left behind, our clients are very satisfied.

Choosing the quality of your hardwood floor sanding is what counts

To “guarantee” dustless sanding, most companies will utilize vacuum systems that are very complex and cumbersome. Often, hoses need to be installed and they compromise the work.
Even if we can offer this service at clients’ request, I personally do not recommend it.
Not only does it significantly increase the cost of the work, it is also much less efficient and hinders the actual sanding.
With all our years of experience, our master sanders prefer, by far, having the freedom to perform the highest quality work.
As good wood craftsmen, they can concentrate on what they do best; sanding your floor with precision and care.
Consult our Quality Guarantee.

Dustless sanding conclusion: it is a matter of priority

When choosing your wood floor sanding contractor, ask yourself what you would prefer?Having no dust to clean whatsoever?
Enjoying the highest quality of finish on your wood floors?

To ask the question is to answer it! While the first choice may alleviate a small inconvenience, the second will assure you 20+years of satisfaction.

If you have any questions on dust-free sanding, please do not hesitate to contact us!

René Villeneuve,
Master Sander at your service!