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Covid-19: security measures and service adaptation


Covid-19: security measures and service adaptation

As you already know, we are experiencing a difficult situation that requires new security measures to be applied by everyone.

At Plancher Summum, the security of our clients and employees is vital. We thoroughly follow all the instructions and guidelines provided by the government.

Thank you for your understanding and your support.

Projects planned

We strive to maintain the project schedule as close as possible to the initial agreements and our clients’ needs.

We stay in touch with our customers to schedule and plan the works to be completed.

Estimate requests

Do not hesitate to request an estimate for your future projects. We’ll be pleased to assist you over the phone to provide you with a proper estimate. If required, we’ll set up an appointment to confirm the details as soon as the situation allows it.

We’ll agree on a project schedule considering the directives in effect. We’ll provide you with updated information.

Projects and sites

We resume our activities as authorised by the government.

We follow all the guidelines regarding on-site distancing by limiting the number of employees involved.

We remind our employees to wash their hands on a regular basis.

Discover our pictures before/after

Discover our pictures before/after